100s 25mm – Purple Green Palm Whistle Silver Red Palm

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Manufacturer: MLE Pyrotechnics

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Supplied 2 to a case and sealed in a waterproof bag.

Red tail to Red peony with Silver strobe.

Green tail to Green Peony with Silver strobe.

Purple tail to Purple to Red strobe Peony.

Blue tail to Crackling palm tree.
MLE code for this product is: MLE6-1043A

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Packing: 2 / carton
Duration: 80 secs
Function Time: 0.0 secs
Diameter: 25mm
Shots: 100
Noise level: Noisy
NEQ: 3.00 kg
UN class: 1.3G UN0335
Gross Weight: 19.00 kg
CAD: NL/TNO-0002-2018
CE: Yes